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NuGen Audio Stereoplacer 2.0 VST Effect

NuGen Audio Stereoplacer 2.0 VST Effect


NuGen Audio has announced the release of Stereoplacer 2.0, a VST effect for Windows designed for direct manipulation of frequencies in the stereo image. Each of the four channels can be tuned to affect a specific frequency as with a traditional parametric EQ. Once tuned, the frequencies can be moved within the stereo field. Useful for adjusting an existing stereo signal or adding stereo depth to a mono signal. The tuneable nature makes this especially suited to adjusting percussion signals.

The updated free version Stereoplacer LT is still available within the Stereoplacer package.

New in Stereoplacer 2.0:

  • 4-channel strips (one with Stereoplacer LT)
  • Channel solo
  • Channel on/off
  • Channel Tune/Place switches
  • Frequency readout
  • L/R readout
  • 'Q' readout
  • Peak hold meter
  • Integrated Licence manager
  • Peak hold meter
  • New GUI

Stereoplacer is available now from NuGen Audio.
Cost: Stereoplacer LT: Free
Stereoplacer: $20 (free demo)

For more information, visit their web site at

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