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Noveltech Introduces Character Plug-In for PowerCore Platform


September 10, 2004

Finnish tech-pioneer Noveltech Solutions Ltd. has joined the
ranks of companies supporting the TC PowerCore platform with the creation
of Character, a new optional plug-in for PowerCore. Character identifies and
enhances the characteristics of any given audio source, according to the company.

Character is based on the company's Intelligent Adaptive Filtering (IAF) technology.
The audio processing employs both the frequency response and the dynamic properties
of the input source in a highly time-varying sense. As opposed to traditional
equalization, Character processing is non-linear and highly sensitive to the
source material's original characteristics. For example, it is possible to
highlight the “guitarness” of a bass by merely selecting one of three processing
modes, setting the “target” frequency, and adjusting to the desired “character” level.
Character is particularly useful for single instruments but can also create
good results for group mixes such as drums or vocals etc.

Character by Noveltech will ship October 1st, 2004, for EUR 215 (ex. VAT)
and $ 249 MSRP.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.noveltechaudio.com

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