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Novation nio 2 / 4 to hit stores in November - Custom FX rack unveiled

Novation nio 2 / 4 to hit stores in November – Custom FX rack unveiled


nio's Direct FX include five of the world’s finest guitar amp models, alongside 4 distortion pedal effects, all courtesy of bespoke Italian software company 'Overloud’; experts in the field of accurate Guitar Amp modeling. Filters, Delay, Chorus and Phaser effects have been derived from the algorithms of Novation’s synth giant, the Supernova II. Novation also provide a hot guitar “Tuna” and smart hum 'killer'. Finally, nio 2 | 4 features new EQ, Compression, Gating and Reverb solutions from signal processing experts, Focusrite.

Novation’s unique 'Direct FX’ technology places a powerful multi-effects engine within nio 2 | 4’s custom drivers. These effects rest close to the core of your computer, working independently of other software and providing powerful ultra-low latency effects for hassle-free, real time jamming and recording. This same unique environment ensures rock-solid, lightning-fast performance, making it the ideal interface solution for home recording, live performing and DJ’ing alike; one size fits all. With two headphones outputs, it’s also an ideal solution for the classroom environment.

nio 2 | 4 provides a quick flexible 'Direct Mix Monitoring’ solution. With all key processes accessible from nio’s hardware, independent switching between three different monitor mixes is simple; the user can easily create custom mixes of two stereo computer audio streams alongside live inputs with applied effects. This, combined with four phono (RCA) outputs and flexible metering make nio 2 | 4 the ideal solution for laptop DJs and live performers (especially since nio 2 | 4 comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite 6 and a host of other software).

Two inputs are available for recording high quality audio into the DAW. An XLR with phantom power on the rear, and a ¼” Jack on the front, provide the two independent mic inputs. Switch to high impedance, and the same ¼” Jack provides a high-quality direct instrument input. A pair of phono (RCA) inputs can also be used to record a stereo signal, from a CD/MP3 player or synthesizer for example.

nio 2 | 4 ships with Novation’s new Xcite+ bundle, which features a host of exciting software solutions and free samples, including Ableton Live Lite 6 and over a gigabyte of royalty-free 'loopmaster’ samples; ideal for getting the new user started, or to expand the experienced user’s creative toolbox.

Finally, nio 2 | 4 provides MIDI i/o and is bus-powered via USB. Combined with flexible input and output routing, powerful real-time 'Direct FX’, unmatched stability and robust hardware design, nio 2 | 4 is the ideal mobile interface; ready to channel your creativity, any time, anywhere.

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