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“NoMo MoJo” by Blues Crossing


Blues Crossing is: Mike Lyzenga and Ray Hensley.We use a BOSS BR1600 digital recorder. CAD GXL2400 condenser mic along with Shure 57 and 58 mic's. We use Taylor, Seagul, Samick, Washburn and Martin guitars. A Yamaha keyboard for piano/organ tracks and scratch drum tracks. Live drums by our friend Mickey D. We write, produce, record and engineer all of our music at Blue Sulfur Studio in Ona, West Virginia.

Normally, Ray will come up with a 'hot lick' that I will try to put into a coherent simily of verses and choruses and then write lyrics to go along with that. Otherwise I may already have lyrics and an idea for a melody to use. We'll spend anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to a whole day in the studio every week working on tracking, layering, bouncing and writing our tunes.

The BOSS machine we use is the bomb. It's easy to use and very user friendly as far as adjusting presets and just generally getting around the mixing board. We usually start with a scratch drum track and then we'll lay down a guitar rythym and vocal.

After that we start choosing whichever guitar sound's may be appropriate for the tune. Then we'll start doing background vocals and add lead guitar breaks, harmonica parts, etc., and just basically listening to what we've done and think about what would sound good along with the tracks we've already laid down.

It's never easy to decide when to quit. Sometimes a song just calls out to be kept simple and sometimes it takes the whole enchilada! That's the fun in recording at home… we get to decide what goes where.

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After we think we've got a finished product I'll email it to a couple of friends and get their feedback and maybe put it up on the internet to get other peoples comments.

Thank you Record/Producer for this opportunity to get our music heard! All the best to all of you!Mike.4/6/08

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