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Nomad Factory Ships Rock Amp Legends Plug-In


October 7, 2004

The Rock Amp Legends guitar amp modeling plug-in, offering a collection of classic tube amplifier recreations modeled in software, is now shipping. Voiced with the help of guitar legend Jimmy Crespo, the plug-in is available in RTAS and VST formats for Mac and Windows systems — with Audio Units support coming soon. Audio Unit suport is also being added to the company's Blue Tubes plug-in bundle.

Rock Amp Legends is the latest addition to the Nomad Factory lineup. Co-developed with Jimmy Crespo (guitarist with Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck), this plug-in is designed to reproduce the classic rock tone of the most coveted British and American amplifiers. In addition, it adds a rack of effects like flanging, chorus, delay, tremolo, noise gate and reverb.

Other software plug-in packages available from Nomad Factory include Blue Tubes, a bundle of 15 vintage-toned tube simulation EQs, compressors, and signal processors, and Liquid Bundle, a collection of affordable effects. TASCAM, the US distributor, will be bundling demos of Nomad Factory plug-ins with their USB and FireWire audio interfaces and with GigaStudio. An exclusive, free Nomad Factory plug-in will also be provided for TASCAM customers. Customers who register their Nomad Factory purchase receive an additional free, three plug-in bundlethrough the Nomad Factory website.

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MSRP: $379.00.

For more information, visit their web site at

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