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Next Generation Chameleon Programmable DSP Processor Announced

Next Generation Chameleon Programmable DSP Processor Announced


July 12, 2004

Soundart has introduced the next generation of the Chameleon DSP
studio tool and electronic musical instrument, building upon the previous
design with feedback and input from developers and users.The Chameleon MkII
is now a desktop design to allow for more real-time. interactive control, while
maintaining the option to be mounted in a rack. The unit is expected to ship
with at least 12 soundskins later this year, with updated to existing soundskins
to take advantage of the desktop design's new interface and controls.


  • Desktop design.
  • Endless rotary encoders with click detent and push switch for real-time
    changes to the internal parameters of the skins.
  • Skins stored internally to flash memory, allowing for fast switching between
    skins along with all user settings.
  • More powerful DSP compared to the original Chameleon.
  • Larger graphic display
  • 4 Analog balanced audio input jacks for all types of input, selectable
    levels +4dBu/-10dBV,
  • Instrument Hi-Z selectable for input 2 with level pot.
  • XLR mic selectable for input 1 with phantom power.
  • 6 Analog Audio Balanced Output Jacks, selectable levels +4dBu/-10dBV.
  • S/PDIF Digital I/O.
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru.
  • Flash card slot for presets and additional soundskins.
  • 1 GPO on stereo jack connector.
  • 2 GPI on stereo jack connectors (Momentary Switch and Continuous Controller:
    Pedal Sustain and Expression Pedal).
  • USB allows rapid soundskin download (e.g. Fahrenheit takes 3 seconds) and
    computer-based editing (Windows XP / Mac OSX).
  • Internal power 110-220VAC/50-60Hz.

Some of the forthcoming soundskins:

  • Commodore 64 SID emulator.
  • Electric piano.
  • Drums clicktrack machine and pattern sequencer.
  • PD synthesizer.

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All skins will be complimented by full graphic editors for your PC/Mac to
integrate effortlessly into the modern digital studio.

The Chameleon mkII is expected to be available in Quarter 2, 2005. It will
be sold only direct from Soundart and its price will be Euro 1,495,00 including
DHL shipping to anywhere in the world. Customers who pre-order before September
2004 will be entitled to a substantially discounted price of 995,00 Euros.
A 100 Euro deposit is required for pre-orders.

For more information, visit their web site at

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