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New year, new pickups from Seymour Duncan – Winter NAMM 2020


Always craved a little more twang out of your dual bucker axe? Now you can achieve that classic Filter’Tron snap in any humbucker-routed guitar with the new Psyclone Humbuckers.

Click the link below to hear them in action!


  • Direct replacement for any humbucker guitar
  • Vintage output for authentic Filter’Tron-inspired tone
  • Classic look and vibe

Whether for rockabilly, blues, country, or full-on rock and roll, the Filter’Tron pickup has long been the coolest tool for some of the coolest players. Now you can drop that twangy magic into any humbucker guitar with the Psyclone humbucker.

Powered by double-thickness alnico V bar magnets, the Psyclone delivers vintage output for period-correct tones, with just a little extra muscle from the bridge position. Four-conductor lead wire provides plenty of wiring options and the choice of nickel or gold covers means Psyclone humbuckers will look perfect in any guitar.

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Psyclone humbuckers are hand-built in Santa Barbara, CA.


  • Made in Santa Barbara, CA.

805.964.9610 |  Santa Barbara, CA

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