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New Vintage Keyboard FX Plug-In from Scarbee


December 3, 2004

Scarbee has released their Vintage Keyboard FX (VKFX) VST plugin, a virtual rack packed with models of a range of different vintage analog effects processors.

Coded by software developers Thomas Serafini, Alfonso De Prisco – and graphic artist Stefan Kengen, the VKFX completes Scarbee's vision for vintage keyboard sample libraries which faithfully capture the sounds of the original masters – right down to the effects processing which was often a key element in defining a classic instrument's unique 'voice'.

Loaded into the VKFX are eight effects processors, including the essential electric piano preamp with stereo tremolo, a Compressor, Wah (Envelope Filter), Phase Shifter, Chorus Unit, Overdrive, Tape Delay, and a Valve Amp modelled on arguably the most popular device ever used to amplify electric keyboards (and the model includes the four spring reverb).

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Features include:

  • Multiple mode switching allows module architecture to alternate from one popular version of a particular effects processor to another which has a completely different sonic character – at the touch of a button.
  • Simultaneous editing of all processors is available via a friendly and intuitive interface presented in the form of a rack of independent modules.
  • Module order can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping modules to where they're needed, giving users fast and total control over the effects chain.
  • Easy A-B morphing between presets makes experimentation and creation of new sounds addictively effortless.
  • All rates and times can be sync'd to VST host, internal clock or left independent for a more 'analog' approach.
  • All parameters are automatable. All parameters are assigned to MIDI controllers.
  • A flexible file management system allows one, several or all modules to be loaded and saved – enabling easy mixing and matching of module presets saved from different sessions.
  • The licensing arrangement allows the licensed user to install and operate VKFX on up to three PCs simultaneously – greatly easing investment costs for users running multiple CPU systems.
  • Mouse sensitive tool tips allow the user to get manual-style information by simply hovering the mouse over any area of interest.
  • A comprehensive on-line manual in pdf format is only one mouse click away at all times.

Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX plugin is priced $299 and is now available in PC-VST format as a download, with a boxed version due out early 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at

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