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New VELO 8 Ribbon Mic from Groove Tubes

New VELO 8 Ribbon Mic from Groove Tubes


Groove Tubes has introduced the first ribbon microphone in the GT Electronics line. The VELO 8 will be available at GT retailers later this year, with a suggested retail price of $799.

Says Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes founder and CEO, “The name 'VELO' is derived from 'velocity', since all ribbon mics were classically known as 'velocity microphones' early on, while the '8' is for the VELO 8's figure-8 polar response. The category of velocity mics is very special to GT, with the great respect we have for the historically superb ribbons as well as the excellent new designs that have been introduced in recent years. The VELO 8, however, brings together the most modern technologies along with classic ribbon design, all at a price that studios and musicians can afford.”

The Groove Tubes VELO 8 is a velocity (ribbon) type studio microphone that features a large (2″ x .25″) ribbon element. The VELO 8's dynamic design is activated using Neodymium, a rare Earth magnetic that offers maximum sensitivity output and wider response compared to standard dynamic microphones.

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Engineers and producers will feel comfortable using the GT VELO 8 on virtually any vocal and instrument source, and like the classic ribbon mics, VELO 8 is particularly great for smoothing out the rough edges on sources such as horns, guitars and brassy vocalists. Operating in a figure-8 polar pattern, it's a choice for ensemble recording as well.

GT's VELO 8 includes both a hard mount and a new GT SM4-PF3 shock mount with attached pop filter for ease of setup in any miking application. The microphone itself is protected by a custom designed moisture resistant aluminum storage case.

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