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New V6 Silicon Valve Microphone from MXL

New V6 Silicon Valve Microphone from MXL


MXL Microphones, the professional audio division of Marshall Electronics, is now shipping its V6 Silicon Valve solid-state microphone. Made in America, the V6 is a large diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser microphone designed to provide the warmth and clarity of sound associated with vintage tube microphones.

The V6 Silicon Valve is the result of greater than three years of painstaking effort by engineers at Marshall Electronics' HDTV Labs in El Segundo, CA to create the warmth and transparent clarity characteristic of the best tube microphones. The unique design of the V6 employ's solid-state FET amplifier techniques and carefully selected components to simulate what tubes do naturally.

Both developed and manufactured at Marshall's headquarters in Southern California, the V6 employs a large diaphragm (25mm/0.98 inch) with transformer-balanced output. As a solid-state microphone, the V6 requires no external power supply, nor does it take valuable time to warm up–as is common with tube microphones.

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The V6's body is a hi-tech titanium silver with a gold plated grill. The microphone ships in a lushly lined, cherry wood box.

MSRP: $349.95.

For more information, visit their web site at

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