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New Ultra Analog Software Synth from Applied Acoustics


October 27, 2004

Applied Acoustics Systems has released Ultra Analog, a virtual analog synthesizer for Mac OS X and Windows, based on AAS' physical modeling synthesis engine that provides alias-free synthesizer components.

Ultra Analog is driven by two oscillators featuring sub oscillators, hard sync and integrated pitch envelopes. Two extensive multimode filters with distortion are then applied to shape its sonic character. Carefully chosen modulation options are provided by two syncable comprehensive LFOs, four loopable velocity sensitive envelope generators and vibrato. Finally, Ultra Analog comes equipped with high quality master effects including a delay, chorus and reverb module.


  • 32 voice polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer
  • Real time calculation of sound – no samples
  • 32bit floating point internal processing
  • Audio bit-depth and sample rates up to 24bit/192kHz
  • Integrated audio recorder to capture performance on the fly
  • Integrated browser and locate function for easy navigation and organization of presets
  • Import/Export functions for easy sharing of presets
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability
  • Standalone operation – no host application required
  • Standard plugin formats support
  • Full audio and MIDI hardware support
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple MIDI ports
  • MIDI automation and program change support
  • User defined MIDI maps with MIDI Learn
  • Module initialization and bypass
  • Integrated master effects: chorus, delay and reverb
  • MIDI Clock, tap and host tempo synchronization
  • Dynamic voice allocation and CPU overhead protection

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Pricing and Availability

Ultra Analog is available now for both the Windows and Mac OS X platform at a suggested retail price of US$199. Ultra Analog works as a standalone app and supports DXi, VST, Audio Units and RTAS (Mac OS only) plug-in formats.

For more information, visit their web site at

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