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New TT-04 Direct Drive Turntable from Gemini

New TT-04 Direct Drive Turntable from Gemini


Gemini has announced the TT-04 High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable, featuring a 5.0kg/cm CPU controlled motor system, as well as a rubber dampened magnetic platter.

The motor can be adjusted for start and brake by means of convenient, retractable rotary controls. In addition to its high performance motor, it is also fitted with a straight tone arm system with height adjustment (up to 6mm), to help to hold the groove, even during the most vigorous scratching and turntable tricks.

To minimize feedback from vibration, the metal-reinforced base of the TT-04 is rubber coated, providing an extra level of dampening. Additionally, the TT-04 provides a set of features heavy on usability and light on fluff, such as a +/- 10% pitch control with switchable +/- 20% mode, reverse and quartz lock buttons — all with LED indicators, a removable, easy-to-replace bright white LED target light, and detachable RCA and ground cables.

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All of these features are brought together by a black plastic body, with a stylish metal plate defining the pitch control section.

Release Date: April 2005. MSRP: $519.95

For more information, visit their web site at

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