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New SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer Pedal from Boss

New SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer Pedal from Boss


July 23, 2004

The Boss SYB-3 was a bass synthesizer packed into a compact pedal,
and today, the next-generation bass-synth pedal has arrived with the SYB-5.
Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, the SYB-5 reproduces the classic sound
characteristics of analog synthesizers.

All 11 internal synth sounds have been refined and enhanced to produce a fatter,
more cutting sound. The sounds are built on variations of three oscillator
waves (saw, square, pulse), plus filters that modulate according to the envelope
and LFO changes you apply.

An external pedal input jack has been added to the SYB-5 for connecting an
EV-5 Expression Pedal (sold separately), which allows you to control filter
cutoff and LFO rate in real time with your foot. You can use the SYB-5's onboard
pedal to hold a note while playing a bass phrase over it.

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