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New Software Provides Control Over CobraNet Networks


September 23, 2004

D&R has announced CobraNet Manager for Windows, a software application
that gives a real-time overview on all things happening on a CobraNet network.
With the software, you can manage the complete network from one location.

The software shows you a simple matrix of all connected CobraNet devices.
The matrix shows your current connections in real-time. You don't have to understand
the underlying protocol, now you can add/remove connections by a mouse click.

CobraNet devices can be remotely managed by using the SNMP protocol, many
manufactures make their own SNMP MIB so you have the possibility to control
their devices from remote locations. For this purpose the manager can load
plug-ins for devices of all manufactures, if available.

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The Manager has the capability to create macro's which can hold different
SNMP events and other software functions.

Additionally, there's a scheduler gives you the ability to play macro and
SNMP events at certain dates/times. You also can schedule SNMP commands.

Currently, a beta version is available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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