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New Service to Let You Make Music Over the Internet

New Service to Let You Make Music Over the Internet


Digital musician.net (DMN) is a community web site for musicians and audio professionals that works along with a software plug-in to allow real-time, distributed music production via the Internet. Musicians can team up for joint music projects or simply help each other out. Music projects, capabilities and preferences together with demo songs and photo material can be presented on an individual Artist & Studios homepage. Chats, online forums and a message system allow everyone to keep in touch. Users are able to configure a partner list which includes their selected associates. Partners that are online will now appear in the DML plug-in GUI and be invited for an online session.

The use of the website and DML will be complimented with an extensive range of online tutorials. Digital musician.net offers a range of workshops, music business information and informs on the latest developments from the music software industry. In cooperation with industry partners and international record labels (Universal Records, EMI/Capitol) digital musician.net will invite users to participate in remix contests and other competitions.

Digital musician link uses a new and patent pending technology to allow sample accurate recording of audio or MIDI data in sync with your playback via the Internet. DML makes intelligent use of VST 2.0 specifications and sends time-stamped audio and MIDI data from one sequencer to another using TCP/IP. In combination with an internal puffer this makes it possible to compensate latencies and web congestion. VST hosts like NUENDO 3.0 and SX 3 that fully comply with VST 2.0 specifications allow MTC sync over internet via DML thus remote controlling the transport functions. Even with outdated software such as Logic Audio 5.5 for PC sample accurate recording of audio is possible by manually syncing via the DML's built-in transport controls.

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Audio recordings can be achieved using common DSL connections and automatic mp3 compression. Bit rates of up to 256 k/bit can be selected for the highest fidelity. For CD quality recording a DSL upstream of 384 k/bit or higher is necessary although even on a 128 k/bit connection, such as DSL 1000, MIDI and preview audio recording is possible. The built-in Send file function allows transference of favorite takes later in high quality without having to use FTP and dedicated web space.

Since communication is very important during a recording session DML incorporates a video conference system. A full screen video display window with up to 25 frames per second is detachable. Multiple instances of the DML can be used to allow for comfortable routing within a software mixing desk. Multiple audio streams will always be mixed down to a single stereo stream for transmission.

DM digital musician is in contact with all major VST host software manufactures to insure compatibility. DML will be available as a VST 2.0 plug-in for both PC and Macintosh computers. Subscription fees start from 15,90 for a one month standard account to 290 for a one year studio account with 7 sub-accounts which allow a DML connection to the main account without further registration or payments. Subscription fees can be paid online via Paypal.

Digital muscian.net will launch in August 2005. A public beta test is due to start following the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Testers may now apply for participation on www.digitalmusician.net

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