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New Reverb Plug-In for Pro Tools Added to Sony Oxford Family


September 30, 2004

Sony Oxford has announced the Oxford Reverb plug-in, designed
from the ground up as a flexible stereo reverberation generator.

As well as providing presets, the Oxford Reverb also allows complete and total
control over all of its many parameters. These include comprehensive Early
Reflections and Reverb Tail sections, combined with integrated 5-band Parametric
EQ. This gives the user the powerful facility to create virtual spaces freely,
depending on artistic need. Options range from dry reflection ambiences, room
and hall simulations, sound effects, all the way to wide open reverberant spaces
with a very large range of possible texture and spatial character.

Features include:

  • Real-time continuous control of virtually all parameters.
  • 5-Band Fully Parametric EQ for use on reverb signal.
  • Dual independent paths for both 'Early Reflections' and 'Reverb Tail' function.
  • Each reverb path type can be used independently or in combination.
  • Early Reflections section includes: control of 4 virtual room shapes, all
    with continuously adjustable sizes, listening position placement and logical
    high resolution control of all useful parameters.
  • Reverb Tail section includes: variable delay compensation to set reverb
    tail start, control of reverb time, delay, dispersion and multiplicity of
    other functions which allow subtle fine-tuning of the reverb tail.
  • High pass filter on the input and separate 'absorption' controls for each
  • Around 150 presets for immediate use, under the headings of Dry Spaces,
    Ambient Effects, Vocal Reverbs, Plates, Post, Rooms, Chambers, Halls, Churches
    and Effects.

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Designed for the Digidesign ProTools platform, compatible with ProTools HD
(and HD Accel systems) and all supported ProTools LE systems. It is both Mac
OSX and Windows XP compatible.

The Oxford Reverb is available for purchase now at and dealers worldwide.
Price 575.00 GBP (Approx. 846.00 EUR)

Sony Oxford Surround Reverb Upgrade

A Surround Version of the Oxford Reverb is planned for release in the first
half of 2005. This will be a no-charge upgrade for existing Oxford Reverb owners.

For more information, visit their web site at

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