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New Reverb 4000 Update

New Reverb 4000 Update, Mac Editor


April 1, 2004

TC Electronic announce a new version of software for Reverb 4000, as well as the Macintosh-compatible version of the TC ICON editor program used to control it. The Version 1.10 update and Mac ICON editor will be available as free downloads in April from

Based on user requests, the Reverb 4000 software update includes emulations of the 20 most sought-after presets from TC Electronic M5000, including “Gold Plate”, “M5000 Hall” and “GM Hall”. While the preset names remain the same, the sample rate has been increased to 96 kHz. The presets are also now integrated with Reverb 4000's advanced search engine, which gives easy access to classics as well as the latest reverb technology.

TC Icon software, which ships with Reverb 4000, enables control of the unit directly through the USB port of a Macintosh- or Windows-based computer. The new Mac OSX (Panther and Jaguar) version of the TC ICON software editor makes it easy to operate Reverb 4000 from a digital audio workstation.

Reverb 4000's feature set includes instant front panel access for live use, 44.1 to 96 kHz sample rates, mastering compliant 24-bit I/O architecture on all digital interfaces (AES/EBU, Tos-Link, S/PDIF and ADAT), 24 bit ADA converters scaled in the analog domain, and the ability to connect via USB to a Mac or PC.

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