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New Rackmount Panel and Firmware Upgrade for MidiStream


December 21, 2004

Kenton has made their MidiStream wireless MIDI system more flexible with a new optional rack panel for the receiver and a firmware upgrade that enhances the functionality on the transmitter side.

The rackmount panel for the MidiStream receiver takes up 1U rack space and brings the antennas round to the front of the unit. The complete receiver is screwed into the rackmount, the leds are visible through holes in the rack panel and tails from the front mounted BNC sockets are connected to the existing BNC sockets on the rear of the receiver.

Price for the receiver panel is 34.00 (ex VAT), 39.95 (inc VAT).

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The firmware upgrade adds the following additional functionality to the existingtransmitter operating system:

  • Allows power save timeout to operate even when active sensing is still being received
  • Allows power save timeout to be set right down to 2 seconds whereas the previous minimum was 1 minute
  • Allows complete removal of all active sensing messages from the data stream if required

The firmware is supplied in the form of a replacement microcontroller for the MidiStream transmitter. Price is 15.00 (ex VAT), 17.63 (inc VAT).

In other Kenton news, the company has redesigned the retrofit kits for the TR-808, PF-15, and PF-10. They've also created a control voltage to MIDI circuit board for DIYers and hackers.

For more information, visit their web site at

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