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New PS-01/02 Stereo 3-Channel Mixers from Gemini

New PS-01/02 Stereo 3-Channel Mixers from Gemini


Building on the legacy of the Platinum Series DJ mixers, the new PS series offers brand new features and a redesigned modern layout.

The PS-01, as well as all PS series mixers, provides 6 line and 3 phono/line convertible inputs, split cue, as well as master balanced outputs and zone & record RCA outputs. 3-band EQ with true cut feature and gains on each channel provide precision control over your input signal, and dual mode VU meters make it easy to balance volume levels.

The PS-02 adds two sets of 3-position kill switches with flash effect, as well as versatile crossfader controls with X-fader slope, reverse, and assignment switches. Additionally, the PS-02 adds a dedicated mic channel with two-band EQ for voiceovers or the addition of an MC. Finally, all mixers in the PS series have an smooth curved brushed aluminum faceplate, two color LEDs, lighted push button cue section, and an easily replaceable crossfader.


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  • PS-01 $229.95
  • PS-02 $309.95

For more information, visit their web site at www.geminidj.com

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