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New Poly-850 Virtual Instrument from Synapse Audio


August 27, 2004

New from Synapse Audio is the Poly-850 virtual instrument for
Windows VST and DXi hosts. The Poly-850 is an emulation of a vintage synthesizer
that also adds more modern features you'd expect to find.

Features of the original Poly, also found in the Poly-850, include:

  • 2 oscillators, with 4 overtones each
  • 3 envelope generators, one for each osc and one for the filter
  • Global 12dB Lowpass filter
  • 6-stage envelopes
  • A Modulation Generator, for oscillator pitch and filter
  • Noise Generator
  • Chorus effect

The Poly-850 also offer these additional features:

  • Direct access to every parameter
  • Full Automation / MIDI support
  • Seamless overtone blend between saw and square
  • Velocity sensitive (programmable)
  • Adjustable polyphony, up to 16 voices

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Poly-850 is available now for Windows in both VST and DXi formats, and a demo
version is availble for download. A version for Mac OS X is planned for release
in October.

Price: $79 direct from the company's web site.

For more information, visit their web site at

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