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New Pathfinder Models from Vox

New Pathfinder Models from Vox


January 18, 2002

Representing the next generation of VOX's solid-state Pathfinder range, the new Pathfinder 15 and Pathfinder 15R (“R” standing for Reverb) combo amps are ideal for guitarists who want an affordable, great-sounding amp that's perfect for practice, recording, or small venue performance. Each compact combo produces 15 Watts of power through a custom-voiced 8″ VOX Bulldog speaker.

Both models feature controls for Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass plus a built-in Tremolo Section with controls for Depth and Speed that allow the user to adjust this authentic-sounding vintage effect as desired. A Gain Boost switch increases tonal versatility, and the 15R model also features an onboard Spring Reverb.

The new combos boast VOX's instantly recognizable diamond grill cloth, special basket-weave vinyl, pointer knobs and gold beading. In addition to a Headphone output, a specially filtered Line out, and an External Speaker output, each model also features a footswitch jack for connecting the optional VFS2 Dual Footswitch (which allows the user to independently switch the Gain Boost and Tremolo functions).

Both the Pathfinder 15 and Pathfinder 15R are currently available. The Pathfinder 15 has an MSRP of $150 and the Pathfinder 15R has an MSRP of $175.

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