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New OMX64 Extreme and LE DAWs from Open Labs


October 28, 2004

Open Labs today launched their most powerful digital audio workstation, which takes advantage of the latest advances in computing power. The Open Labs OMX64 Extreme is an all-in-one digital audio workstation/computer that incorporates 64-bit processing power, using the AMD Opteron processor. The OMX64 Extreme enables studio professionals and musicians to essentially play, record, mix, and master world-class studio music in a single Windows-based unit that can be carried anywhere, without the need for an external computer.

The Open Labs OMX64 Extreme is being introduced at the 117th Audio Engineering Society (AES) conference and exhibition in San Francisco, at the Moscone Convention Center. Open Labs is also introducing a lower-priced 64-bit digital audio workstation, the OMX64 LE, at AES.

Open Labs has engineered the OMX64 Extreme and OMX64 LE as completely integrated digital audio workstations. The all-in-one units are powerful, easy-to-use, infinitely expandable, and completely open, enabling musicians and producers to use whatever music applications they wish, wherever they wish.

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Open Labs is the first company to deliver a fully-integrated 64-bit solution based on the AMD Opteron processor into the digital music market, and the OMX64 Extreme extends the benefits of this architecture into every segment of the professional recording market, from the “prosumer” hobbyist musician to the world-class recording engineer.

The OMX64 Extreme incorporates input and output (I/O) functions, a CPU, and an open architecture that is compatible with all major music creation programs, plug-ins, and operating systems. Users can flexibly add music programs, connect to additional hardware, network OMX64 Extreme units, or upgrade at their own pace.

At 18 inches deep, the OMX64 Extreme incorporates dual 64-bit capable AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture running at 2.0GHz, with 4GB RAM (upgradeable to 16GB), one 80GB 7200 RPM removable hard drive, withfour 250 GB (up to 1 terabyte) 7200RPM enterprise-level RAID.

The OMX64 LE is a building-block for the home studio enthusiast or recording musician. Priced at $2,195.00 USD, the OMX64 LE delivers 24 bit/96 KHz audio with a wide range of options.

Open Labs takes advantage of the AMD Opteron processor's unique ability to deliver multiple sessions in a stable PC environment, so that users can, for example, record 64 audio tracks at 24/96 for over 15 continuous hours or run multiple, multitrack sessions at up to 64 tracks at 24 bits and 96 KHz.

The OMX64 Extreme features:

  • 3 audio sections, with connections for any type of connection
  • Multi-track sequencing / playback of 16 tracks up to 192Khz
  • More than 200 simultaneous audio tracks at 48Khz, 76 at 96Khz
  • Includes more than 1,000 sounds and effects
  • Include 500-voice polyphony
  • Host application (Karsyn) included: host up to 100 VST, VSTI, DX, DXi plug-ins at once
  • 8 Channel PCI-X Raid Controller Card
  • Dual Layer DVDRW Drive (8.5 GB per disk)
  • Dual head video AGP card

The OMX64 LE features:

  • Pristine 24-bit, 96kHz converters that deliver an amazing 111dB (A/D) and 116dB (D/A) SNR and Dynamic Range
  • Flexible connectivity with 1/4″ analog I/O, optical and coaxial 24/96 S/PDIF I/O, and MIDI I/O for seamless integration with your entire studio
  • E-DSP 32-bit Multi-effects Processor offers you over 16 simultaneous hardware-accelerated studio-grade effects with no CPU overhead – plug-in architecture allows you to add new effects as needed
  • 32 Channels of zero latency Hardware Mixing/ Monitoring with super-flexible virtual patchbay – no external mixer needed
  • Full compatibility with most popular audio/sequencer applications with ultra-low latency WDM, DirectSoundR and ASIO 2.0 Drivers
  • Software studio package

For more information, visit their web site at

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