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New Nitro Booster Pedal from Rocktron


August 30, 2004

Guitar players may be happy with their sound, but like a race
car driver, they are always seeking that extra edge that pushes it over the
top. According to Rocktron, their new Nitro Tonal Booster now gives players
that edge.

The Nitro enhances a player's articulation by soft compression means and offers
over 15dB of gain for intense boosting. Got an anemic sounding amp? The Nitro
can help. With the Nitro, Rocktron says you'll turn decent amp distortion into
great amp distortion.

The Nitro makes harmonic squeals easier to achieve and even broadens the capabilities
of your pickup and is one of the simplest tools for guitarists ever made. A
single control is provided for BOOST and a single switch kicks you into that
hot zone.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.rocktron.com

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