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New Music Man Bass Pickups from EMG

New Music Man Bass Pickups from EMG


March 31, 2004

At this year's Musikmess show, EMG launched a series of replacement pickups for 4-string Music Man basses in both active and passive formats.

Active models include the EMG-TW, already featured on ESP's Surveyor bass.

This is a switchable single/dual coil unit utilizing EMG's exclusive '2 pickups in one' design, with each pickup offering a separate output for ultimate player control.

Other active units supplied in the Music Man housing will include EMG's CS and DC models and the soon to be offered P and J models.

All active pickups, which are hand made in the USA, include pre-wired volume and tone controls, output jack, battery clip and complete fitting instructions.

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On the passive front, the company will offer its new EMG-HZ dual coil design and EMG-P split coil models in the Music Man format.

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