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New Moral White Line from Oscar Schmidt

New Moral White Line from Oscar Schmidt


“We at Oscar Schmidt have noted that in addition to church membership being at an all time high, more and more musicians are participating as well. In fact, contemporary worship/spiritual music is said to be the fastest growing segment of the industry. To accommodate the needs of these players we've developed the new Moral White Series,” explains Tom Ferrone, Oscar Schmidt Division Manager.

The OM10EWH is the new electric “A” style mandolin. It has mahogany sides and back and a select spruce top. It is available in a high gloss white finish with chrome tuners and an ictus sign on the headstock. This new mandolin retails for $249.90.

The OG10CEWH is a cutaway acoustic electric thin body guitar with mahogany sides and back. It is equipped with a Washburn preamp, and has a select spruce top with a white high gloss finish. It includes chrome die-cast tuners and ictus sign on the headstock. This guitar retails for $319.90.

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