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New MixDream XP from Sound Performance Lab

New MixDream XP from Sound Performance Lab


After introducing the MixDream analog summing and insert box last year, SPL launches the MixDream XP this year as a straight 16-in-2 summing box. Without the inserts and processing stages of the MixDream, price and space requirements are reduced while the MixDream's active summing stages are retained.

Entirely discrete signal paths run on 60V rails in Class A mode. With a max. output level of +27dBu and a noise level -97dB the dynamic range reaches up to 124dB.

Control functions comprise a mono switch for each of the eight channel pairs. The output level can be set to unity gain, or alternatively an output level control allows for individual adjustments. On the rear, two SubD25-connectors provide 16 input channels, both master and monitor stereo outputs as well as the expansion output are powered by XLR connectors.

The MixDream XP is suited as an active DAW summing extension with a purist approach or to expand the MixDream or smaller analog consoles with 16 further channels.

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