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New Metro Series Instruments from Sadowsky

New Metro Series Instruments from Sadowsky


June 28, 2004

Roger Sadowsky, the New York City-based luthier, is introducing
the Metro Series of hand-crafted basses.

Incorporating the same designs, tone woods, hum-cancelling pickups, preamps,
and bridges as the Sadowsky NYC instruments, the more affordable new Metro
Series basses are crafter by the expert Sadowsky Tokyo staff under the leadership
of Yoshi Kikuchi, Director & Senior Builder.

Metro Series basses come in two basic styles, Vintage and Modern, configurations:
Alder body and Rosewood fingerboard ; and Ash body and Maple fingerboard. All
of these are available in four and five string versions, and the Modern Series
also offers 24-fret versions.

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Everything on the Metro basses in the same as the NYC basses. The only differences
are that the Sadowsky NYC models have graphite bars in the neck, chambered
bodies for light weight, and many options including figured woods, while the
Metro series does not

For more information, visit their web site at www.sadowsky.com

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