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New Matrix Series Amps from Hughes & Kettner


January 12, 2005

To date, Hughes & Kettner has been known in the USA chiefly as the maker of the Tube Tools and boutique-class amps the likes of TriAmp and zenTera. Across the Atlantic, the German manufacturer has been a large vendors of mid-class amps since the '80s.

“We developed the new line of Matrix amps especially for the American market,” notes Paul Airey, Hughes & Kettner's International Sales Director. “Its sound quality, punch and features set new standards in this price class!”

The heart of the new Matrix series is the unique AUTOSTORE FX MATRIX; it affords players the luxury of dialing in individual effect settings for each of the four channels. And for added convenience, it stores these settings automatically — no further action or tweaking required. Alongside reverb and delay, the onboard digital multi-effects processor offers chorus, flanger and tremolo patches.

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Featuring four channels, the amp serves up a range of electric guitar sounds at the touch of a button, from clean to “rectified” Warp sounds, and from blues-approved crunch to '80s lead tone.

The new Matrix 100 is available in both Combo and Head versions. Both pack a 100-watt wallop, providing plenty of punch to cut through at band rehearsals and on stage. The 1×12″ Combo and the 4×12″ SC412 Cabinet are loaded exclusivelywith Celestion speakers.


  • 4 channels
  • Digital Multi FX
  • FX Autostore for each channel
  • 100-Watt Current Feedback Power Amp
  • 12″ Celestion RockDriver Ultra Speaker
  • 4-way footswitch included


  • Matrix 100 Combo, $699.00 MSRP
  • Matrix 100 Head $599.00 MSRP
  • SC 412 Cabinet $699.00 MSRP

For more information, visit their web site at

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