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New Master Class McKenzie Mandolin from Breedlove

New Master Class McKenzie Mandolin from Breedlove


December 5, 2004

The contemporary designs that put Breedlove's guitars on the map are also at work in the company's mandolins. There is no better example than the Master Class models.

The flagship of the Breedlove mandolins is the Master Class McKenzie. This model, which is inspired by Oregon's McKenzie River, features a unique asymmetrical, “K” style body, a sunburst finish with Ivoroid binding, and a striking McKenzie River inlay pattern, and f-holes with custom X-bracing.

Every Breedlove mandolin made also features unique string spacing that enhances tone and comfort, according to the company. Each pair of strings is run closely together, but the sets are spaced farther apart. This lets the strings ring with more clarity and volume and allows the player's hand to be more relaxed with reduced fatigue. The comfort of these mandolins is improved even moreby the use of a 12″ radius fingerboard to provide a more natural playing position.

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Master luthier Kim Breedlove hand-voices every Master Class mandolin prior to shipping. Breedlove produces about 400 mandolins every year, but only 12 McKenzies will be built in 2005.

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