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New M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers from Mercury

New M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers from Mercury


November 26, 2004

The newly revised M72s dual-channel studio microphone amplifier from Mercury Recording Equipment Co. is now shipping. This unit brings the vintage Telefunken/Siemens V72s module design up to date with some modern enhancements. The fully transformer-balanced Mercury M72s offers variable mic gain and a two-setting input pad that expands the abilities of this classic design.

Unlike the vintage V72 modules, which were fixed at 34dB gain, the M72s features a variable mic gain with a range of 28dB to 58dB. The lowest gain setting, used in combination with the switchable input pad, which offers -16dB or -28dB settings, allow the M72s to accept line level signals and provide a warm recording or mix path for modern instruments or recording devices. A direct input connection is provided for instruments, in addition to switchable 48V phantom power and phase reverse.

Following a lengthy design process, Mercury Recording Equipment Co. has developed a recreation of the classic German-manufactured mic amp modules that produce a more open high-end in addition to the expected rich low frequencies and full mid-range. The Mercury M72s studio amplifiers additionally bring a more musical quality to the “vintage” tone and “break-up” associated with the original modules.MSRP is $3,899.

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