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New Logic and Reason Tutorials from SWA Video

New Logic and Reason Tutorials from SWA Video


July 5, 2004

SWA Video has added two new titles to their growing list of online
video tutorials.

The Complete Logic by Dave Eager (a.k.a Oink for members) brings
'The Compete Emagic Logic'. Dave will take into the heart of this program as
well as demonstrate how to apply the extensive feature set of Emagic's audio
to allow you to get the most out your imagination.

The Complete Emagic Logic covers:

  • Building your Autoload song and set up your preferences
  • Understanding Logic's signal flow (once this is understood, many other
    questions become clear)
  • Logic's Audio and MIDI editing tools through practical examples.
  • Set up of special performance tools like the arpeggiator and TouchTracks
  • Set up of softsynths and ReWire
  • Logic's Track Automation features
  • Visual examples of many features whose usage is not immediately apparent
    in the manual
  • Many timesaving tricks and tips scattered throughout.

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The Complete Propellerhead's Reason by Chris Hawkins explores the possibilities
of perhaps one of the most addictive creative applications out there. From
tweaking knobs to producing beats, The Complete Propellerheads's Reason will
enable you to harness the power of Reason's creative possibilities.

The Complete Propellerhead's Reason covers:

  • Overview and understanding of the Reason interface.
  • Complete Guide to the Synthsizer devices such as SubTractor and Malstrom.
  • Coverage of the sample based instruments, Dr. Rex, NN19, NN-XT, and Redrum.
  • The included effect modules.
  • Sequencing and Pattern Programming.
  • Audio routing and CV tips and tricks.

The Complete Emagic Logic is slotted for release July 26th and The Complete
Propellerhead's Reason is scheduled for release on July 31st. Special pre-release
pricing is being offered immediately.

Order any of SWA's video until July 31 amd you are entered into a draw for
a copy of Ableton Live courtesy of Ableton.

For more information, visit their web site at

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