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New Guitar Sample Library from Precisionsound


December 26, 2004

Precisionsound has released Monzter Guitars, a new collection of sounds for GigaStudio, HALion & Kontakt. The goal of Monzter Guitars is to give you a recorded “wall of guitar” sound ready to play from your keyboard.

The Monzter guitars SampleSet contains:

  • Two programs for each format, Gigastudio, HALion & Kontakt.
  • Fifths sampled both as long notes and staccatos.
  • The long notes is un-looped and in 2 velocity layers for the notes and 2 velocity layers for the release notes. The staccato samples are in 4 velocity layers.
  • Every note from B1 to E3 has been sampled for both articulations.
  • A separate program for scrapes & slides in different speeds and direction.
  • A total of 192 stereo samples in 24-bit format (HALion/Kontakt)
  • The Gigastudio version is in 16-bit format.

Monzter Guitars was produced by music producer, mastering technician and guitar player Thomas Johansson who has over 50 CD productions unde his belt. The sounds were created using a Gibson 1994 Explorer, Engl Fireball (modified), Mesa/BoogieDual Rectifier, and Peavey 5150 MK1.

The collection is available now direct from Precisionsound for 300 SEK (about US$45).

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For more information, visit their web site at

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