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New Groove Bass Amp Line from Kustom


July 28, 2004

Kustom Amplification introduced its high-powered new Groove Bass
amplifier. Offered in rack-mountable format, the Groove Bass 1200 amp dishes
out 1,200 Watts of output power, more than enough to rattle the rafters on

The Groove Bass 1200 Head features a brushed aluminum control panel with chrome
carrying handles, knobs and accents. Details include a 9-Band Active EQ; a
rotary BASS control with Normal/Sub EQ settings; a MID control with EQ shift;
and a HIGH control with Normal/Define settings for altering the high-end EQ

With the flip of a switch, the amp's input can be optimized for active or
passive bass guitars. A separate Mute switch silences the amp for use with
an external tuner. Plus, a Solo Boost function takes the volume level up a
notch to make solos stand out. Both the Mute and Boost functions may be accessed
either via the front-panel or the Groove Bass footswitch (included).

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Neutrik Speak-On output connectors are used on the Groove Bass 1200 due to
the high current being transferred from the head to its speaker cabinets. This
allows the maximum signal transfer. The back panel of the Groove Bass 1200
also provides a low-Z, balanced Line Output with Ground Lift and an effects
loop that may be operated either Pre-EQ or Post-EQ for added tonal flexibility.

Groove Bass speaker cabinets have been designed from the ground up to provide
professional sound quality and road-ready dependability. Two models are available:
one features two 15-inch, USA-made Eminence speakers with a Compression Horn
Driver for a total of 600 watts power capability. The second cabinet houses
four 10-inch, USA-made Eminence speakers, again with a Compression Horn Driver.
There is also an attenuator control to adjust the output of the Compression
Horn on each cabinet.

Both speaker cabinets are built with 18-mm plywood; a perforated, electrostatically
powder-coated steel grill; and heavy-duty, spring-loaded handles. Unique to
the Groove Bass cabinets, each is provided with a Kustom Castor Plate, on which
four heavy-duty castors are mounted. The plate can be used as needed to facilitate
movement of the Groove Bass cabinets.

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