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New Graphic EQ from MXR

New Graphic EQ from MXR

Designed in conjunction with Slayer’s Kerry King, the new KFK-1 10-Band EQ is very similar to the M-108 EQ, but offers dual outputs for driving two amps at once.


MXR Launches KFK-1 Ten-Band EQ Pedal

March 24, 2004

If MXR's M-108 10-Band EQ isn't heavy enough for you, check out its evil
twin, the Kerry King 10-Band. Designed in conjunction with the legendary
Slayer guitarist, this tattoo-covered pedal sports the same great
features and hardcore construction as the M-108, but the King can punish two
amps at once thanks to its dual outputs. Use it as a boost for solos or to
create scooped-mid rhythm tones.

U.S. Suggested List Price: $189.99

For more information, visit their web site at

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