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New GCO-1 Golden Compressor from Kjaerhus Audio

New GCO-1 Golden Compressor from Kjaerhus Audio


June 18, 2004

Kjaerhus Audio has released their new compressor VST plug-in for
Windows, the Golden Compressor GCO-1.

Rather than modeling one vintage compressor using several different techniques,
many high-end analog compressors went into the GCO-1. This includes types such
as “Classic” (for warming), “Smooth 1&2” (lower distortion), “Opto” (emulating
opto-coupled vintage gear) and “Pumping” (for those pumping dance rhythms).

The GCO-1 has program dependent attack and release times to avoid a pumping
effect (the amount can of course be adjusted to zero when pumping effect is
desired). Frequency dependent compression filters remove low frequency and
DC interference, compression curve adjustments, program dependency, and different
stereo link options are just some of the extra features to tweak this compressor
into a desired sound and character.

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As with the other members of the Gold Series, this plugin uses 64-bit processing,
supports up to192kHz sampling rate, and has no latency, according to the company.
The no latency feature allows this plugin to be used live.

Normal price is $118.00 but it will be sold for $94.40 as part of an introductory
offer through July 18, 2004.

For more information, visit their web site at

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