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New EXR-7 Interactive Arranger from Roland

New EXR-7 Interactive Arranger from Roland


April 2, 2004

Roland introduce the EXR-7 Interactive Arranger at Musikmesse, the company's new crown jewel in the EXR Arranger Keyboard Series. Featuring a 76-note touch-sensitive keyboard, new Piano Mode Chord Recognition system and new sounds, 1.5 MB of FLASH memory and more, the EXR-7 extends the performance features of Roland's popular EXR Series.

The EXR-7 features Roland's newly improved keyboard action. The new Piano Mode Chord Recognition feature recognizes chords in the full 76-key range, eliminating the need to adapt your playing style to a split keyboard. This frees both hands to play naturally for piano type performance across the 76 keys, with accompaniment.

There are 20 Super tones, 510 tones and 20 drum kits, creating a range of sound capabilities. Onboard sounds include Roland's stereo sampled Piano, Attack Flute, Blow Alto, Harmonica Hand, Nylon Guitar and French Musette, to name a few. Up to 99 Songs or Styles can be stored in the EXR-7's onboard 1.5 MB capacity Flash memory. Additionally, a USB port is built in for loading new songs and styles to the internal Flash memory, plus floppy drive.

A 16-track recorder is built-in to the EXR-7 with “minus-one” playback capabilities for educational environments. More than 100 contemporary “live feel” Music Styles can be accessed and edited using the built-in Orchestrator feature. Additionally, V-LINK video control is included for integrating video and music together.

Dedicated Style and Tone category switches and separate Tempo control switches allow quick altering of sound characteristics. Any of the 100 User Programs can be quickly and easily accessed from the front panel, with functionality for storing favorite settings, tones, styles and tempos. Additionally, Roland's D Beam controller is included for realtime performance control.

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