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New Experimental Effects Pedal from ElectroKraft


November 30, 2004

Guitar builder, pickup maker, and custom effects pedal builder Tony Amendolare has been developing new hybrid electronic instruments and effects that are influenced by the burgeoning new sounds created by artists in the areas of “chip music”, lo-fi, experimental electronica, noise and circuit bending. The Space Box is his latest creation, an all-in-one experimental effects unit plus theremin synthesizer.

Said Tony, “I am very intrigued and influenced by the underground art of 'circuit bending'. Circuit Benders take old digital keyboards like the Casio SK-1 and the Speak & Spell and rewire them to create new sounds. I thought how cool it would be if you could process your instrument through one of those circuit bent devices. I decided to develop something that can be used as an effects unit and also as a stand alone light-theremin synthesizer, creating the experimental sounds as heard from circuit bent devices.”

Inside the Space Box there is a digital oscillator and a frequency multiplier. The nature of the frequency multiplier is such that it will also create fuzz and distorted effects quite different from traditional fuzz effects boxes. Combine that with strange metallic sounds and an array of spacey sci-fi tones and you have an effects unit/theremin-synthesizer from outer space.

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Use it to process your guitar, bass, keyboard, synthesizer or microphone, and use it as a stand-alone photocell controlled theremin synthesizer. The photocell will react to light and shadow so just by waving your hand over the photocell will create changes in frequencies and tones of the effected sound.

The Space Box runs on 9 Volt battery or 9 Volt universal adapter power jack. It's a combination of digital and analog circuitry encased in all aluminum alloy construction.

Available now direct from ElectroKraft. List Price: $189.00

For more information, visit their web site at www.electrokraft.com

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