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New EQ VST/DX Plug-In from Spin Audio

New EQ VST/DX Plug-In from Spin Audio


July 7, 2004

Spin Audio has released SpinEQ for Windows, a multi-band parametric
stereo equalizer plug-in available in a 4- and 10-band version. Each band
offers selection of five filter types (Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelving, High
Shelving and Peaking EQs), filter frequency, gain and Q-factor.


  • 4- and 10- band versions
  • Visual Equalizer Parameters Editing
  • Mono, Stereo, Linked and Free modes
  • Separate EQ settings for left and right channels
  • Five selectable filter types for each band

SpinEQ 1.0 VST/DX plug-in can be purchased in the SpinAudio OnLine Shop as
a part of Essential Plug-ins Bundle that also includes RoomVerb M1, SpinDelay
and FX Designer. The Essential Plug-ins Bundle is priced at 95 USD. Registered
Essential Plug-ins Bundle users can get to the plug-in for free. A free demo
version is available for download as well.

For more information, visit their web site at

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