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New Electronic Instruments 2 Collection for Reaktor


September 2, 2004

Native Instruments has announced Electronic Instruments 2, a
collection of eight new instruments for Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session.

Electronic Instruments 2 contains three unique synthesizers, two drum machines
and three effect units. The collection offers a powerful and creative toolkit
for contemporary electronic music and sound design, and showcases the amazing
potential of NI's modular sound design software Reaktor.

Sound design for Electronic Instruments 2 was done by artists like BT, Exile,
Jam El Mar, Junkie XL, Machinehead, Photek, Richard Davis, Richard Devine,
Speedy J, Telefon Tel Aviv and others.

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The eight instruments included in Electronic Instruments 2 are:

PHOTONE – Hybrid Master Synthesizer – A polyphonic synthesizer that boasts
an extensive array of special features including custom oscillator types, flexible
filter routing, analog “drift” and detuning emulation as well as a slew of
advanced modulation options.

LIMELITE – Advanced Beat Composer – Combining a step sequencer with a selection
of samples and an array of effect processors, Limelite takes the beatbox concept
to a whole new level.

METAPHYSICAL FUNCTION – Dynamic Soundscape Synthesizer – Far more than “just
another synthesizer”, Metaphysical Function offers an engaging audiovisual
experience with a vast and unique sonic palette ranging from beautiful soothing
tones to dark, disturbing soundscapes.

KRYPT – Granular Drum Machine – This is a loop generator quite unlike any
other. Krypt consists of a programmable granular sampler wired to a six-channel
sequencer with an intelligent pattern generation algorithm, and is capable
of generating polymorphic beats.

AKKORD – Sequenced Chord Generator – By chaining together a highly specialized
synthesis engine with a practical polyphonic pattern sequencer, Akkord excels
at generating rich chord sequences as well as dynamic monophonic lines.

FAST FX – Advanced Performance Effects – A combination of six unusual effects
that turn any track into something really unique – by slicing, filtering, gating,
looping and “freezing” the signal in unspeakable ways. Fast FX also features
a special 'live' snapshot system, which makes it perfect for live performance.

RESOCHORD – Programmable Polyphonic Resonator – This powerful resonator imprints
harmonic structures onto any input signal, including percussive sounds with
no existing harmonics. Resochord integrates six feedback units, each resonating
at a different frequency, to generate chords from every material which is fed
into it.

CYAN – Extended Vintage Chorus – A chorus and much more. Cyan offers many
sound-shaping possibilities through advanced features such as tempo synchronisation
and flexible delay modulation control.

All eight instruments are for use within Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session and
can therefore be deployed in all plug-in formats that Reaktor supports. Within
Reaktor 4, all instruments can also be freely edited and modified.

The Electronic Instruments 2 collection will be available in September 2004
for a suggested retail price of $119 / 99 Euro from authorized dealers and
in the NI Online Shop.

For more information, visit their web site at

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