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New DI Box from Sage Electronics

New DI Box from Sage Electronics


New D.I. Joe Single Channel DI from Sage Electronics

March 17, 2004

The people who handcraft 'vintage-style'
purpleheart-faced mic pres, and spherically-mounted condenser microphones
have introduced a single channel active DI box. It's name is D.I. JOE.

Built for those who need to inject guitar, bass and keyboard signals into
their mic pres or recording devices, D.I. JOE transforms the high impedance
unbalanced audio signals produced by electronic instruments into the low
impedance balanced signals required by microphone preamps, live sound
consoles and recording devices. And then some.

Designed by long-time producer / studio owner Phillip Victor Bova, D.I.
JOE's discrete 'Class A' input and sturdy construction will be appreciated
by producers, engineers and live sound pros alike. Its balanced low
impedance output stage ensures that audio signals can safely travel
the length of the long cable lines found in most every live and studio

D.I. JOE features:

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  • Discrete active Class A input ~ eliminates loading signal source

  • Dual 9 V battery supply for superior signal headroom

  • Robust active electronic outputs capable of driving long signal lines

  • Heavy duty toggle style Ground Lift Switch ~ eliminates common ground loop problems

  • Rugged die cast housing with camouflage jacket

  • Hand wiring / no unreliable internal connectors or DIP switches

  • Dual metal shielded internal circuitry for excellent RFI protection

  • Unbalanced input impedance – 10 meg ohm

  • Balanced output impedance – 100 ohms

  • Load driving capability – 600 ohm or greater

  • Frequency response – 10Hz to 50Khz + / – 1 db ref 1Khz

  • 3 year warranty

D.I. JOE comes with a manual and a 3 year warranty. It
carries a manufacturer's suggested list price of CDN $239. (US $179.) and is
available directly from the manufacturer.

For more information, visit their web site at

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