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New CD-ROM Tutorial for Traktor DJ Studio 2.5

New CD-ROM Tutorial for Traktor DJ Studio 2.5


June 17, 2004

Narrated by DJ Richard Devine, the Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 Video Manual
and Tutorial CD-ROM from pcAudioLabs will show you how to utilize Traktor
DJ Studio in a DJ mixing environment.

The entire program is explained in detail with video tutorials on how to understand
the Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 software environment and how it relates to a hardware
setup of turntables and a mixer. Topics are presented as individual video demonstrations
providing easy access to learn everything you possibly can about Traktor DJ
Studio 2.5. You will also learn how to use external hardware such as a midi
controller for Traktor DJ Studio 2.5, and how to configure and setup Traktor
DJ Studio 2.5 with your audio interface.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Top View Panel
  • Browser Panel

    • Browser Overview
    • File Organization
    • Audio CDs
    • Command Buttons List Window

  • Player Panel

    • Playdeck Controls
    • Move and Loop
    • Automatic Sync
    • Pitch and Tempo
    • Key Fader

  • Loop Panel

    • Loop Panel Overview
    • Loop Tricks

  • Mixer Panel
  • EQ Panel
  • Filters Panel
  • Master Panel
  • Automate Panel
  • Setup

    • Audio
    • Prefereces
    • Browser Preferences
    • Input Controllers
    • Sync (OSC Settings)
    • Appearance

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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pcAudioLabs sells the video manual direct for $39.00.

For more information, visit their web site at

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