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New BLT EQ for Pro Tools from URS


September 3, 2004

URS (Unique Recording Software) announced their entry level
plug-in, the URS BLT EQ. The BLT was originally designed as a low priced
entry level EQ for MBox, Digi002, Digi002R and Digi001 users, but can also
be used to quickly shape a track or mix with low DSP usage.

The URS BLT is a two band Program Equalizer, using URS' favorite bass and
treble curves for quick track or mix sweetening. The interface provides access
to one band of bass shelving fixed at 100Hz with boost and attenuation controls,
a level control with boost and attenuation to get the right amount of loudness,
and one band of treble shelving fixed at 5kHz with boost and attenuation.


  • Pro Tools 6.4.1 and Panther OSX 10.3.4 compatibility
  • Pro Tools 6.1 and Jaguar 10.2.8 compatibility
  • Pro Tools 5.3.1 and Mac OS9 compatibility
  • Full Windows XP support
  • Full Pro Tools TDM support for Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools|HD and Pro
    Tools 24|MIX systems
  • Full 192 kHz support for TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite versions
  • Full ProControl, Control|24, Command|8 and Digi 002 support
  • Full ICON Console Control Surface support — including center section EQ
  • Supports Mbox, Digi 001, Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, Pro Tools|24 MIX, Pro
    Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel

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Pricing and Availability

The BLT EQ TDM version lists for $199.99 and includes TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite
for Macintosh OSX and OS9 and Windows XP. The BLT EQ Native version lists for
$99.99 and includes RTAS and AudioSuite for Macintosh OSX and OS9 and Windows

URS is also holding an “I'll EQ you in September” promotion. During the month
of September, the URS BLT can be purchased online for the introductory price
of $49.99 Native and $99.99 TDM.

For more information, visit their web site at

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