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New Amber Vista-Lite Drums from Ludwig

New Amber Vista-Lite Drums from Ludwig


May 26, 2004

The Ludwig Amber Vista-Lite outfit is styled in a similar fashion
to the Ludwig outfit as historically played by John Bonham from Led Zeppelin
back in the early 1970's.

The Ludwig Amber Vista-Lite “Zep” Set Drums feature a 14×26″ bass drum with
vintage styled T-rods, vintage claws, curved retractable spurs, and gold sparkle
inlays on the high gloss black finished maple hoops. The double floor tom set
includes a 16×18″ and 16×16″, just like you would expect. The 10×14″ rack tom
is suspended with a snare stand like Bonzo would have positioned, and the snare
drum is the Ludwig traditional LM402 – 6.5×14″ aluminum chrome plated Supra-Phonic

The “Zep” Set can be ordered as a shell pack or with a full compliment of
Ludwig Modular double brace hardware, including Ludwig's 900 Series snare stand,
(2) straight cymbal stands, (1) boom cymbal stand, Pro-Float LM918HH Hi-Hat
Stand and the LM815FPR Pro Foot Pedal. As an option, the L201 Speed King Pedal
and or a matching Amber Vista-Lite 6.5×14″ snare drum are also available

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.All the heads are durable Heavy Clear for intense playing and a great
see-thru appearance. Drums are also fitted with the vintage 70's blue & olive
badges and 70's era large Classic Lugs.

The complete kit with hardware is model number L8264LM47 and has a USA retail
price of $4,495. The shell pack is model number LM8264LX47, with a USA retail
price of $3,565.

For more information, visit their web site at

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