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New Alnico Humbucking Pickup from Swineshead

New Alnico Humbucking Pickup from Swineshead


Custom pickup manufacturer Swineshead has added a new pickup to its range of humbuckers. The new humbucker is called the A.M.P (which stands for alnico magnet polepieces) and is designed to combine humbucker and single coil tones into the same pickup.

The A.M.P replaces the bar magnet used on most humbuckers with 12 individual alnico V rod magnets. This breaks away from typical humbucker design restraints and provides a bright, clear and articulate tone according to the company.

Because the A.M.P. is in effect two single coils mounted next to each other it allows for true single coil tone when used on a guitar with coil splitting. This is great for players that want versatile humbucker and single coil sounds from the same guitar.

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Like all other Swineshead pickups the A.M.P. is available in wide range of colours as well as exotic woods. Plastic humbuckers are £39 each while the wooden pickups are £49 each. Postage is free worldwide on orders over £60. Each pickup is handmade in the English village of Swineshead and comes with all the necessary screws and springs to mount it in your guitar.


  • Bridge DC Resistance – 11.8k
  • Neck DC Resistances – 7.8k
  • Magnet type: Alnico V rods

For more information, visit their web site at

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