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New 2-Channel microAmp Runs on AC or AA Batteries


January 4, 2005

Designed for the musician on the go, the microAmp can be powered by AC or batteries for portability, while easily accommodating more than one instrument.

With a two-channel design, the microAmp can function as a single instrument amp, offering channel switching with the included footswitch. Or add a second instrument and use both channels at once. There's also a stereo line input for a total of four input channels.

Features include:

  • All analog design
  • 2 channels with channel switching
  • Voicing and 2 band EQ on channel 1, 3 band EQ on channel 2
  • Overdrive on both channels.
  • Auto Switching power on channel 1, auto switching to individual channels on channel 2, Channel select footswitch included w/LED indicator.
  • AC adapter included
  • 10 AA batteries included
  • Diecast enclosure measuring 4x7x2.5″, powder coated with epoxy lettering.
  • Low noise, low power circuitry on 4 circuit boards (which can be replaced for upgrades)
  • 2.5W RMS, external speaker connection and power off/volume to save batteries
  • Analog Reverb with adjustment pot and external on/off foot switch
  • Line input, stereo
  • Line output, headphone output, stereo
  • Full schematics and board diagrams included to registered owners
  • 1 year limited warranty, and new design owner protection included
  • Custom design options available

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The microAmp is currently priced at $600 with delivery expected within 30 days. You can reach the company at RMS, Inc, Box 214, Milan MI, 48160, (734)-439-1361, email: The microAmp can also be ordered through Music Go Round, 2791 oak valley, Ann Arbor, MI 734-662-1080, and will be sold via eBay.

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