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Neumann Offers New Capsule for Sennheiser SKM5000-N System


September 20, 2004

Neumann has announced the KK104-S microphone capsule for the
Sennheiser SKM5000-N wireless system. In contrast to the supercardioid characteristic
of the KK105-S, the first Neumann capsule head to be made available for the
Sennheiser handheld RF mic system, the new KK104-S offers a cardioid characteristic.

Developed in response to numerous customer requests, the polar response pattern
of the new KK104-S capsule is especially beneficial for high-volume stage applications,
such as a monitor system positioned at a 180-degree angle, directly behind
the microphone. With the introduction of the KK104-S capsule head,

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10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes

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