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NetMix Pro 3.3 Library Management Software for Pro Tools Announced

NetMix Pro 3.3 Library Management Software for Pro Tools Announced


Digidesign and Creative Network Design (CND), a sound and audio software developer, have announced the release of NetMix Pro 3.3, an enhanced sound library management tool for Pro Tools 6.9 XP. An upgraded version of CND's NetMix Pro Sound Library Management software, NetMix Pro 3.3 enables Digidesign Pro Tools editors to search for sound effects and production music quickly.

All NetMix Pro spotting and transfer features that were previously only available on the Macintosh platform only for Pro Tools on Mac, are now also available on the Microsoft XP platform with the new release of Pro Tools 6.9 and NetMix Pro 3.3.

The new integration between NetMix Pro and Pro ToolsR 6.9 XP features:

  • Transfer to region list
  • Spot to timeline
  • Spot to timeline using selection
  • Spot to timeline with handles
  • Spot multiple audio files to timeline (trainspotting)
  • Spot sync point to timeline
  • Transfer of metadata
  • Spot sub-sequence to multiple tracks and spot to absolute time code

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The new NetMix Pro-Pro Tools integration enables spotting of multi-track sequences to multiple tracks in Pro ToolsR 6.9 XPPro Tools 6.9 PC. Users can preview a complex sound or music edit in sync to picture using volume, pan, waveform editing and time code display. NetMix Pro automatically converts and spots the audio to Pro Tools tracks, maintaining all previously made edits.

The Project Manager in NetMix Pro allows for spotting sound-to-picture using bins to manage audio files. Bins are organized by project, reel and scene. Using the new NetMix Pro-Pro Tools integration, bins can now be transferred to Pro ToolsR 6.9 XP, including metadata.

NetMix Pro 3.3 is fully compatible with NetMix Server, a cross-platform SQL database, which enables workstations to gain simultaneous access to large central libraries of sound effects and production music. A server-based sound library, for example, can be accessed over a LAN or the Internet. Users can add unlimited database fields and unlimited metadata fields with NetMix Server enabling the creation of company-wide metadata structures, for greater interoperability and security. NetMix Pro can be scaled to 100 users and more with the customizable cross-platform NetMix Server database.

NetMix Pro also provides bin-to-bin integration with Avid's video editing products such as Media Composer. Editors can drag a'nd 'drop single audio files or complete NetMix Pro Bins to a Media Composer Bin. Where NetMix Pro systems are used in facilities where Avid video editing products and Pro Tools systems are installed side-by-side, central access to audio assets – such as sound effects, music, and mix elements – provides powerful application integration for critical workflow.

Digidesign and Avid customers, who wish to transition from a Mac-based Sound Library management system to a NetMix Pro PC-based system, can take advantage of conversion tools for easy migration.

NetMix Pro 3.3 is compatible with every Digidesign Pro Tools system from Mbox to Pro Tools|HD Accel.

NetMix Pro can be purchased online from CND's online store for $990.00 USD.

For more information, visit their web site at

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