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Need new beats? Make them with XYbeatZ

Need new beats? Make them with XYbeatZ


Amped Studio, the online DAW, has just added another great addition to its growing arsenal of devices with a totally unique approach to rhythm creation. XYbeatz is a midi generator/controller with a collection of drums beats from around the world that can be combined into multiple combinations by moving around the XY interface.  With over 250 midi beats you can mix, match and blend beats or separate drum parts to create a cool set rhythm pattern or record live while moving around the Interface to get a changing groove over time.

Okay but WTF is XYbeatZ?  

Let´s try this; take a killer midi drum pack with beats from every continent but Antarctica and an XY pad with 4 Zones and each corner holds a selected drum beat.  Include 2 modes, one for complete beats and another for just the selected drum parts, a rhythmic complexity slider and you have it.

If you move the green square to the center it plays a combination of all 4 beats, if you move it to the far corner it plays just that beat. You can record and move around the XY pad and create new rhythms.  With the Parts mode, you can make easily make interesting grooves, like blending a Samba kick pattern with a Soca snare, all without drawing in any notes!

XYbeatZ can also be used as an innovative sound tool by assigning a melodic device to a rhythm pattern or together combine a Synth with a drum kit to play back the rhythm in unison for a tight, unique beat!

Best of all XYbeatZ is free in Amped Studio and available right in your browser!  The XYbeatZ video tutorial is here: or go on to and start making XYbeatZ!

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