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“Must Be Wrong” by Low 90


My name is Ed Cobb and I play Drums in Low 90. I also recorded this song in my newly built home studio. I have been using Sony Vegas for about 6 -7 years and currently own Vegas 8.0 Pro. I am using an HP with an AMD Athlon 64×2 dual core processing 3800 with 4 gigs of ram of which 3.43 are seen and or used by the computer. Here is a basic lay out. I have 2 rooms set up one is the live room and one is the control room. I have installed acoustic sound foam in the control room covering about 50% of the room. It has made a huge difference in the listening environment, and made mixing a lot easier. I have yet to touch the live room but it is coming.

We recorded this song while playing in the same room live we used a click track set to 129.
The Guitar and Bass were recorded direct and we all had our favorite headphones on.
Overdubs and vocals and keys were added after we had put down the basic tracks.
I used a PreSonus FireStudio project as my A/D converter via Firewire. We did not hear much if any latency issues while recording 10 tracks at once.

I used the following equipment to record the Drums Tracks:
22×16 Kick Pearl BLX from 1987-88, Audix D-6 mic. Remo Pin Stripe head mic
13×4 Snare drum Mapex Phosphor Bronze Audix I5 mic & Evans Genera HD Dry head
10” Yamaha Stage Custom, Audix D-2 mic & Remo Coated Ambassador head
14 & 16 Yamaha Stage Custom used an Audix D-4. Evans Hydraulic Blue
14” Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi hats, Shure Sm 57 mic.
17” Zildjian A Crash, 17” Paiste Sound Formula, 22” Paiste 2002, 10” & 8” Zildjian splash.
2 Audix F-15 Mic’s were used as overheads. The drums do not have a bunch of reverb. I did make use of the compressor and EQ. All effects were plug-ins and no effects were added to the tracks as we recorded them.

Guitar was recorded using a Vox ToneLab LE Valvetronix and a 1979 Fender Stratocaster.
There are a total of three guitar parts and six tracks as we recorded the guitar track using S/PIF and recording in stereo. Clean / Dirty & the live track.

Bass was recorded direct using a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI and a Peavey Bass
Two total bass tracks; the live track and a punch in about ¾ of the way through the song.

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Vocals including back ups were recorded using a Rode NT1 mic.
Total of 4 vocal tracks including the cut and paste of the last chorus.

Keys – Here is one of the coolest parts of recording today and the internet. I met the keyboard player for this song on the internet. He went to my page and asked to be a friend; I accepted. I wrote him about a year or so later asking if he would like to put some keys on this tune and he accepted. Steven Cravis ( plays the keyboards. I am not sure what he used for keyboards but they sound very nice. Steven sent me two parts a strings part and a piano part both in a Wav format 24 bit. I put them in the song and.

We just received the song back today from JP Masters; Dave Locke mastered it. (

Further information is available at

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