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MPA Series Mic Preamps Add More Tonal Options

MPA Series Mic Preamps Add More Tonal Options


New from A Designs Audio is a new series of switchable-tone MPA mic pres. The series includes the MP-1A all tube mono microphone preamplifier, the MP-2A all tube mono/mono stereo microphone preamplifier, both with a high gain structure.

More than just a new look, these are the first mic pres designed with tone switches enabling the units to sound like totally different preamps. Each unit has two-tone switches per channel, and when used in combination, this results in four different sounds on each channel.

Additional features include a Jensen input transformer, coupled with a custom wound output transformer to provide low-noise and high-performance users demand from a high-end mic pre. With 60dB gain, -20dB pad, balanced XLR input and output, a vintage VU meter, custom milled face plate, phantom switch, phase switch and a front panel direct inject 1/4 inch input jack.


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  • MP-1A: $1,500.00
  • MP-2A: $1,975.00

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